ESP: Effective Swallowing Protocol

ESP is a non-invasive, FDA-cleared treatment for dysphagia that combines the most effective electrical stimulation parameters with resistive exercises.

It includes Ampcare’s E Series electrodes that elicit the most comfortable motor contractions by stimulating inactive or atrophied swallowing muscles. The portable powered muscle Stimulator has adjustable parameters and its Restorative Posture Device provides an extrinsic resistive exercise.

The result is improved quality of muscle contraction and swallowing function.

How Does ESP Work?

Combining neuromuscular electrical stimulation with resistive swallowing exercises and postural strategies using the Restorative Posture Device (RPD), ESP works by achieving the following:

  • Movement of the airway out of the food’s pathway
  • Stimulation of fast-twitch, powerful muscle fibers to elicit motor contraction
  • A 30-minute treatment time, providing 60, 72, or up to 90 swallowing attempts
  • A safe, effortful swallow
  • Decreased risk for aspiration

Why Does ESP Work?

ESP follows the guidelines of 60+ years of research, using electrotherapy combined with exercise physiology:

  • Proper electrode placement over the affected swallowing muscles
  • Frequencies aligned with firing rates of motor neurons (Luschei et al 1999)
  • Parameters based on the relationship between amplitude and pulse duration
  • A duty cycle that will decrease the risk of metabolic fatigue (Enika et al 2008)
  • Principles of specificity training employed using effortful swallowing exercises (Hawley et al 2008)

 Ampcare’s ESP follows the keys to neuroplasticity by having the patient perform a task-specific exercise or activity that is repetitive and resistive.

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