Do more in a 30-minute dysphagia treatment

What is Dysphagia?

Dysphagia is the medical term for the symptom of difficulty in swallowing. It is derived from the Greek “dys” meaning bad or disordered, and “phago” meaning “eat”. 

Dysphagia affects 18 million people in the US and 45%-87% of residents in long term care. One out of 17 people will eventually develop dysphagia. Pneumonia, largely arising from swallowing problems is the 5th leading cause of death of Americans over 65 years of age.

Who is Ampcare?

Russ, Ronda and Rick have worked together for 20 years to establish new treatment protocols in oropharyngeal dysphagia using electrical stimulation as a new modality for speech language pathologists and to improve treatment outcomes for patients. Through their interdisciplinary care approach and synergy of ideas they have become co-owners of Ampcare and are working to bring cutting edge modalities to the dysphagia therapist. The first of these is the ESP™ or Effective Swallowing Protocol.

What is ESP?

ESP = Effective Swallowing Protocol.

By doing our due diligence beginning in 1996, we have determined the most effective electrical stimulation parameters for this muscle group and have received our FDA clearance to market this system that includes a portable powered muscle stimulator with easily adjustable parameters. We have also developed the Ampcare E Series electrode to elicit the most comfortable motor contraction for the patient and the research continues to demonstrate that our recommended treatment time of 30 minutes makes our technology and exercise protocol both effective and efficient.



“To provide clinicians with a new standard of care in treating swallowing disorders through clinical research, innovative technology and education, thereby restoring the health status and quality of life of those suffering from swallowing disorders.”



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