What does the research show?

There are more than 15 publications that demonstrate the effectiveness of Ampcare’s ESP.

Digestible takeaways from several publications include…

  • Ampcare’s parameters are best suited for use on the neck to promote a comfortable contraction of the suprahyoid muscle groups
  • Submental placement of the electrodes provides a facilitation to the superior/anterior motion of the hyolaryngeal complex
  • Contraction to the suprahyoid muscles creates an intrinsic resistance by stretching open the laryngeal vestibule
  • Patients swallow function improves at a better and faster rate as measured in the Rosenbek Penetration/Aspiration scale, Functional Oral Intake scale, and the Swal-QoL
  • Kinematic measurements from pre-treatment and post-treatment imaging demonstrate improvements in hyoid bone displacement and laryngeal vestibule closure reaction times

VLOG: All Electrical Stimulation is NOT Created Equal (6-part series)

Part 1: What is NMES?

Part 2: What is the Goal of NMES?

Part 3: All or None Law?

Part 4: Strength/Duration Curve 

Part 5: Why Parameters Are Important

Part 6: Why does NMES work? 

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