By doing our due diligence, we have determined the most effective electrical stimulation parameters for the muscle groups associated with the swallow and have received our FDA clearance to market this system that includes a portable powered muscle stimulator with easily adjustable parameters. We have also developed the Ampcare E Series electrode to elicit the most comfortable motor contraction for the patient, and the research continues to demonstrate that our recommended treatment time of 30 minutes makes our technology and exercise protocol both clinically effective and efficient.

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ES™ Unit, 10 Packages of E Series Electrodes & the RPD

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ES Unit

ES Unit (Electrodes Included)

Certified Members Product

E Series Electrodes

Small (ST) and Large (LT) Sizes

Certified Members Product 

ES Unit Replacement Lead Wire Set

Pre-TENS Skin Prep Wipes

Restorative Posture Device