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Ampcare ESP™- Effective Swallowing Protocol

The Ampcare ESP™ is a FDA-cleared sophisticated treatment modality that uses neuromuscular electrical stimulation and a neuro-orthotic to enhance the efficacy of your pharyngeal strengthening exercises. The ESPsystem can only be prescribed by a physician. By utilizing the Ampcare portable handheld device with adjustable parameters along with the E Series Electrodes and the RPD, the therapist will provide a more extensive exercise experience for the patient with dysphagia.

Ampcare’s E Series Electrode is specifically designed to fit the submental region to achieve maximum stimulation of the suprahyoid as well as the pharyngeal musculature without searching for a specific motor point.  The E Series Electrodes (Large- Adult; Small- Youth) are reusable, pre-gelled, self-adhering, latex free and are for single patient use. The electrodes are FDA-cleared for use on the swallowing musculature.  The picture above shows the E Series electrodes in proper placement on the submental region.

Restorative Posture Device (RPD) is a neuro-orthotic (brace) used to provide the ideal head and neck position to allow for the most efficient muscle contraction needed to promote a functional swallow.  This device also serves as a part of an emerging resistive exercise protocol. When comparing the amount of electrical activity in the suprahyoid musculature using sEMG while performing a chin to chest resistant exercise using the RPD, clinical data has shown a 100% increase in electrical activity vs. a basic “head lift” exercise.